This information is integrated with the first level information (so-called Cookie banner) as well as with what is set out in the Privacy Policy.
The purpose of this Cookie Policy is in particular to illustrate the types and categories of cookies used, the purposes and methods of use of cookies by INX SRL with headquarters in Via delle Industrie, 8 – 26835 Crespiatica (LO), the data controller, (e-mail, or third parties where third-party cookies are installed, and to provide guidance to users on the actions to be taken to refuse or delete cookies on the site

The user can express his or her consent to the use of cookies proposed with the so-called Cookie banner (so-called first level information) in various ways by clicking on the “Ok” button or continuing navigation.



Cookies are small text files that the site sends to the user’s device and which are stored in the browser or device and automatically redirected to the site each time the user accesses the site.



In this section you’ll find a general description of cookies in order to allow the reading of the table below.

Cookies related to the time:

The site may use session or persistent cookies.

The former are stored only for the length of time the browser remains open, and when closed they are deleted.

The second ones, on the other hand, are memorized in a persistent way, for a time that varies from cookie to cookie, but that however persists when the browser is closed.

Through the browser you can view the number of cookies installed by the site and the expiration date indicated.

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Cookies related to functionalities:

Technical cookies, which are used for navigation, to facilitate access and use of the site by the user. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and/or less secure. For example, the storage of the language chosen by the user requires a technical cookie. These cookies are necessary in order to allow effective navigation.


Statistical cookies (“analytics”), which are used to collect aggregate and sometimes anonymous information about the number of users and how they visit the site in order to optimize the effectiveness of the site. These cookies are not necessary. If they are non-anonymous or third party cookies, they must be indicated in the landing banner.


Profiling cookies, i.e. cookies used to track the user’s navigation on the web and create profiles on their tastes, habits, choices, etc.. With these cookies, advertising messages can be transmitted to the user’s terminal in line with the preferences already expressed by the user when surfing online. For this type of cookies it is expressly provided that the consent is acquired through cd cookie banner on landing, containing an indication that the site makes use of these cookies and a link to this information.


Cookies related to origin:

FIRST PART: are the cookies installed by the site operator. They install functions controlled and prepared directly by the Professional who manages the site.

A site may contain content or functions of third parties, through which cookies may be installed (so-called “third party” cookies). This type of cookie is not installed and managed by the site manager, but by the third party owner of the cookie itself, which is a different entity from the site owner. The user’s consent is always required for the use of these cookies, which is acquired by this site as a mere technical intermediary between the user and the third party.


Cookies related to identifiability:

ANONIMIZED or not: depending on whether the cookies allow, also through association and cross-referencing with other data (such as IP, Username, browsing preferences and other) the identification of the user (or at least of the device or connection) we distinguish anonymous or non-anonymous cookies.

Having said this, the website installs the following cookies:




If the site uses only technical cookies, there is no requirement to provide the user with the first level information (through banners when landing on the site). Instead, this second-level information is required for proper transparency towards the user. Consent to the use of this type of cookie is mandatory, as without them navigation could be compromised and some functions unavailable, thus creating a misunderstanding for the user (think of the case in which a site is available in several languages, if these cookies are not used the user should, each time he accesses the site, select the language he prefers).


If the site uses analytical cookies made by the site operator, therefore first-party cookies, for their use, the user’s prior consent is not required, nor the notice through the first-level information (only if anonymous). The banner is therefore not required even for this category of cookies. However, since they are not necessary for the proper functioning of the site, the consent for their use can be revoked at any time, using one of the methods illustrated in the section Cookies Management Tools.


If the site makes use of non-anonymous third party analytical cookies (Google Analytics, etc..), prior consent from the user is required for their use, which will be acquired through acceptance of the first level information (banner on landing on the site). The use of these cookies is not strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site, so the consent to their use is optional and may be given and revoked at any time, through one of the methods illustrated under Cookies Management Tools.


f the site uses profiling cookies in the first person, whose consent is acquired through the acceptance of the first level information (landing banner).

This consent can be revoked at any time, through one of the methods illustrated under Cookies Management Tools.

The consent for the use of this type of cookies is therefore optional, as it is not indispensable for the correct functioning of the site.


If there are third party cookies on the site used for commercial and profiling purposes (adsense, etc.). Consent to the use of these cookies is optional and can be given and revoked at any time, through one of the tools indicated in the section Cookies Management Tools.


Cookies Management Tools

The user has several options for managing consent to the installation of cookies.

Each browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, etc.) has different procedures for managing cookies. Below are links to specific instructions for the most common ones:

– Internet Explorer:

– Google Chrome:

– Apple Safari:

– Mozilla Firefox:


In addition to the processing of consents by operating in the settings of the browser, the user can use third-party services provided ad hoc, such as for example:

– The site, allows the management of consent to profiling cookies. This service allows a general management, and not separate for individual sites, of the cookies that are installed.

– The Ghostery monitoring service (it is a plug-in directly installable in the browser) allows you to see which cookies are present on the site you are viewing, to block them (limited to a specific site or for all sites) and, finally, to track the policies for the installation of cookies.

– The site allows you to see which cookies are present on a specific site, who they are and how long they last.

In the event that the user believes that the site violates this cookie policy, he has the right to lodge a complaint with the privacy guarantor by accessing the following link:


If the user is unable to see what consent relating to the use of cookies he has given, or if has doubts about the operation of such cookies, or if is unable to revoke one or more consents through the procedures described above, he can contact the Data Controller directly at the following e-mail address:


In any case, for the exercise of the user’s rights in terms of privacy, please refer to the appropriate section of the Privacy Policy.


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