Dynamic company,

big service

INX SRL, is a company born in 2004 with the goal of giving an excellent service even to the smallest of businesses, now counts 20 figures highly specialized in the production of inks for rotogravure and flexography.


In a market dominated by two big giants we can boast the mastery of the technology allowing us to produce inks for rotogravure in big and small quantities to give a great and personalized service to every client choosing our experience.


We can be flexible. The new Research & Development department is responsible, in cooperation with the client, of finding the best blend for the identified needs.

Our business

INX produces flexible packagings inks for the print of various kinds of packs, including the ones for the FOOD&BEVERAGE industry.


Every different kind of pack needs a different kind of ink. The development is an ongoing process helped by the client and the evolution of the technologies in the film production, printers manufacturers and chemical industry field.


The quality of the ink used while printing contributes to the chance of being noticed on the supermarket isle.